Personal Training, Spin & Nutrition

We have a true desire to help others find a way of living that supports and enhances their state of being. ​

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The Fit Dimensions offers personal training designed with each client's goals/needs in mind. We will work together to develop a program that builds strength, increases endurance and flexibility to enhance the client's state of being and inspire confidence to keep moving forward.

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Our spin classes offer a challenging, high-intensity workout that includes a motivational coaching style and fun music that is sure to make you sweat and come back for more!

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Our nutrition offerings are designed to promote overall wellness. Whether you are looking for weight management, a dietary protocol for disease prevention or better fueling for athletic performance, The Fit Dimensions will provide you the support needed every step of the way!

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A 4-month program that reviews the important relationship between physical activity, quality nutrition, and overall wellness.


30- Minute workouts designed to accommodate our clients’ busy lives. Combine strength, endurance and stability training.

I am super excited to announce my new virtual wellness business called The Fit Dimensions. 

The Fit Dimensions was developed out of a passion for fitness and out of a desire to help others enhance the quality of life and to thrive! Our personal training sessions, spin classes, and nutritional consults are all designed with each client’s needs in mind.  Whether you are looking to sharpen your competitive edge, develop a strength training program, or design a nutrition protocol for weight management or long-term wellness, The Fit Dimensions will support you and provide you with the tools necessary to achieve your goals!

Looking forward to helping you find your own fit dimensions!!


Nina Caron

Notes from our clients...

"I feel very lucky to have Nina as my personal trainer. She and I work together every week on an exercise program that helps me maintain my current fitness and preventative fitness needs. I can always count on Nina to give me the absolute best advice that is state-of-the-art and custom fit to what I need. She is very personable, knowledgeable and professional. In a world of confusing exercise programs, Nina stands out as the gold standard for personal fitness!
We started buddy training with Nina several years ago at Yang’s Fitness. Both of us had been competitive athletes for years, but full-time work, commuting, and parenting was taking a toll on our health. Nina put together a customized workout that was challenging, fun, and varied. Over the past few years we’ve seen steady improvement in our strength, flexibility, balance, and immune system health. When we transitioned to working out at home last spring, Nina adapted our training plan so we can work out in the backyard or living room. She is a constant source of support and encouragement, coaching us through every session with expertise, creativity, and patience.
Maggie & Bruce