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FIT DIMENSIONS was created out of a true desire to help others find a way of living that supports and enhances an individual’s state of being.  There are many dimensions/aspects to overall wellness, including physical fitness, establishment of a solid nutritional protocol, and a modality/modalities to support a positive and purposeful state of mind. 

Nina Caron, Owner

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Nina Caron has been involved professionally in the fitness/wellness industry for over 25 years.  She is an ACSM (AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SPORTS MEDICINE) certified personal trainer, Johnny G certified spin instructor, has done coursework in low back disorders, Stott mat pilates, and mindfulness training.  Nina recently earned a certification as a CDC-endorsed Diabetes Lifestyle Prevention Coach.  Nina also holds a master’s degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and is the sole proprietor of The Fitness Dimensions, a virtual wellness business which includes personal training, spin classes and nutrition consulting.

Running is one of Nina’s many passions. She qualified for the women’s US Olympic trials in the marathon event in 2004, and was the champion of the women’s master’s division of USA Track and Field for the NE Grand Prix Racing Series in 2002 and 2003. Nina continues to run competitively with the WHIRLAWAY WOMEN’S RACING TEAM.

Nina is Founder and Race Director for the STEP UP FOR COLLEEN 5k event, which is held annually the first Sunday in May to honor the legacy and life of Colleen Ritzer.  This amazing event continues to raise awareness of the value of community and compassionate living.  Proceeds from Nina’s event go towards the Colleen E. Ritzer Memorial Scholarship fund.  This fund provides financial support to those local high school students going on to pursue a degree in education.  The scholarship candidates must also display personal qualities consistent with those Colleen valued: love of family/friends, strong sense of community/compassionate living, and a true love of learning.

Nina also enjoys cycling, hiking and swimming. She loves to work with clients of all ages and abilities to educate and motivate them to achieve balance and a state of overall wellness. Nina advocates a focus on clean eating and a prescriptive fitness protocol including both weight training and cardio. 


My greatest source of joy and support comes from my amazing
family!  My husband, Gerry, and I have 4 wonderful children (Ali, Tim,
Jenny, and Mike), as well as a son-in-law Kev, and 2 grandsons, Nolan (age 3)
and Cam (10 months).

My family has been a constant source of support with respect
to my professional life and my running career.  They are my biggest

Focusing on family has allowed me to maintain a balanced
approach to life and continues to reinforce the importance of


My wish is to continue to strive to be my best and that
should be easy with my family by my side! 

The Rotary Club of Andover, MA

“His biggest accomplishment may be showing us all what is possible by staying active.”

Bons Best North Shore

Race Director, Nina Caron

Northshore magazine’s annual Best of the North Shore (BONS) Awards celebrates the magazine’s editors’ and readers’ picks for the North Shore’s best dining, shopping, entertainment and activities. The Step Up for Colleen 5K has won several times for best community walk/run, including in 2020 when it won both editors’ choice and readers’ choice.