Spin Class

Stationary Bike

Our spin classes offer a challenging, high-intensity workout that includes a motivational coaching style and fun music that is sure to make you sweat and come back for more!

Nina will lead spin class participants through a ride (either 45- or 60-min) that focuses on building strength and endurance on the spin bike. The rides will include long climbs, rolling hills, flat terrain/sprints accompanied by fun and motivating music/playlists.

Bike Handles

45 Minutes

1 Class = $18

10 Pack = $150

Bike wheel

60 Minutes

1 Class = $20

10 Pack = $175

Class Etiquette

Nina has been such a good trainer to me either in person or, during these times, virtually. She is proficient in both mediums. In the time I have been training with her my balance, strength, dexterity, posture, form and all around toning have all improved. She has been very patient with me giving me directions, repeating herself, showing me the exercises (sometimes more than once) and answering questions all with professional patience and kindness. Her technique is such that the workouts are not the same each week. She targets certain muscle groups for strength and always with a good measure of cardio for calorie burn.   She has been a wonderful trainer in all aspects. She is able to keep an eye to make sure we are doing the exercise correctly and gives me quick feedback to correct my  form . She also does the frog jumps right along with us. She frequently modifies the exercise or routine to suit the individual needs of all the  group members; sometimes without any notice or even in the middle of the exercise.  She is very aware of the group and constantly interacts to keep everyone motivated. Although sometimes she does lose count. (haha), she is always there for us in many ways with positive reinforcement. She has been wonderful to work with and because of her I have become stronger and more balanced. Thank you Nina, much appreciated.


Nina’s foremost interest is helping her clients achieve their goals. She has been instrumental in transforming my awareness of the importance of nutrition and the fundamental role it plays in wellness and athletic performance.  Most significantly, Nina’s personal work ethic provides inspiration and a sense of what’s possible through a fitness/wellness (or other word that makes better sense) journey; she is a role model to all.