fruit and cheese plate

This protocol is based upon a CDC-endorsed program developed by the University of Pittsburgh. This offering addresses weight management and the importance of both cardio and resistance training to sustain wellness.  We will also work together to identify specific behaviors/habits that have contributed to a lack of sustainability with regard to a wellness protocol. This is a 4-month program which includes a 90-minute session per week.

GOAL 1:  Lose weight at a pace that is safe and do-able:  about 1-2 pounds per week. Self monitoring of caloric intake and weight is key to successful weight management. This can be achieved through either through a food log (i.e. myplate, or other app). 

GOAL 2:  Do at least 150 minutes of physical activity/week.  Start to pay attention to how active you are now and where you may be able to add activity into your day. Focus on the activities you most enjoy.

GOAL 3:  Learn the importance of label reading

GOAL 4:  Plan for an active week. Strategize ahead of time where you can fit in time for selfcare. 

GOAL 5:  Identify Behaviors that are getting in the way of successful eating and activity.  In other words, learn how to take charge of what is around you and PROBLEM SOLVE!