Banana Cookies


2 Large Old Bananas

1 cup of Quick Oats

Sprinkle of Cinnamon

Add You Own Twist:

2 T. Dark Chocolate Chips

1 T. Slivered Almonds

Unsweetened Coconut

Dried Cranberries

The only 3 ingredients you need are the bananas, quick oats, and cinnamon. After that, you can add in any ingredient you desire- try to keep it healthy though. I decided to add 2 T. Dark Chocolate Chips, and then to half of my batch, I added in 1 T. Sliced Almonds. 


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Mix all ingredients together

Stir in toppings

Lightly coat cookie sheet with cooking spray

Spoon bite-size spoonfuls of ‘cookie dough’ onto cookie sheet

Bake for 12-14 minutes

Banana Cookies